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Tutor is defined in Webster’s Elementary Dictionary as a person in charge of the instruction of another person; in some American colleges, a teacher who ranks below an instructor.

Restoration Community Outreach tutors are volunteers who render a valuable service to students of all ages. They are available to tutor one-on-one to a student to help him or her learn how to study and apply one’s self in order to get the most out of any subject. Tutors are there to help students be producers. The students are taught how to apply themselves by taking the lesson requirements at hand and complete what of them is expected. Tutors don’t do the lessons for the students; they are there to show them how and to see that they are successful in doing their homework assignments.

Students sometimes have preconceived ideas that cause them to fear even attempting to do their homework assignments. Good tutors are effective in bringing the best effort out of a student. One-on-one, side-by-side reading and solving the homework together builds the student’s confidence. The embarrassment of being in a group setting and not being able to produce is not there. It is much easier for most learning-challenged students to learn in a private setting.

Restoration Community Outreach offers each student a one-hour session two nights/days per week for as many weeks as needed. These sessions can make a tremendous impact on a student’s future. When one appears in the classroom with homework done, there is a feeling of success! The head can be held high with pride instead of fear and shame.

It takes a special person with compassion and care to volunteer to touch a student where he or she is and help move him or her to where he or she needs to be. A cooperative effort on the part of the student and the tutor must be made in order to be successful. Tutoring is done one-on-one for an hour with each student two nights/days per week, which provides two hours of tutoring per week per student. Most of the tutoring is done after 3:00 PM each day. Scheduling of each student has to be done during hours the volunteer tutors are available.

Tutoring can be arranged by calling Programs Director, Dean Jackson, at (615) 754-7777 or 604-4025.

You can also inquire about tutoring service by filling out an Interest form or a Tutoring Volunteer Form.

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