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    The journey through adolescence (the age between puberty and adult) is a time when youth feel “trapped,” and parents can sometimes be “problems." The Preventive Maintenance Program is for children and youth ages 11-19. It teaches them the dangers of drugs and alcohol, as well as helps them learn how to cope with the stress that comes with being a teenager and young adult. This is done with monthly Youth Activity Group gatherings. 
    YAG meets at RCO the 1st Monday night of each month from 6:30 - 8:00 PM during the school year for learning, character building and fun. They participate in games, pledges (to American Flag and Temperance), guest speakers, videos, door prizes, and more depending on the agenda each month. 
    YAG also holds special events at different times during the school year. December is Christmas Party month and May is Annual Birthday Party month. 
    The after-school tutoring program helps to remedy some of the students’ boredom as well as boosts self-esteem. It is believed that those who spend their time studying and learning during their spare time will be less likely to get into trouble. Preventive Maintenance is of utmost importance and RCO is proud to be able to offer possible solutions to some of our families’ needs. Our children and youth are our citizens of tomorrow, and we need quality citizens!